3 comments on “Two cell phones and lower phone bills

  1. bloghopped from moneysmarts. if you’re going to use that digital slr for a sideline i guess it’s worth it. otherwise it’s only another expense. got my new phone for free as a reward from globe. that or a P1,000 monthly rebate for 2 years. i opted for the phone. competition is really good for us consumers. 😀

  2. you know what, i’ve just started “earning” from photography. had my first paying gig the other day, and the second one tomorrow. i think i will go and get that camera soon 😉 and yep, competition rocks.

  3. Wanna save money? Get rid of your contract phone.

    I have Straight Talk. I previously had Verizon then switched to AT&T but the bills were CRAZY!.

    When I heard about Straight Talk I couldn’t believe it but have had it now for 2 months and it is just sick! I’d heard that it was on Verizon and the coverage is rock steady, so yeah.

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