8 comments on “Small Victories

  1. jetskee,

    Congratulations on keeping in budget!! Way to go!

    You are very lucky if you can be debt free in a couple of months, I’m still looking at up to 24 months for my car loan.

  2. Thanks, Perry! =D I’m so looking forward to zeroing out my debt. I paid off the first of my four cards last Saturday, and will pay off the second one next week. The remaining two, well, it will take me a while to pay those off, but at least I’m gaining ground =D

    A car loan ain’t as bad as credit card debt, right? Interest rate is fixed, and you see and use everyday what you’re paying for =P

  3. Actually it’s interest free at the moment because I am using 0% balance transfer credit card (but the card is safely hidden away!)

    Yeah, the car is here, but cars depreciates so fast at the moment even if I sell the car the loan will not be paid off.

  4. I know what you mean! Like, taking the train would definitely be much cheaper than taking a cab or a car, but it really is a hellish experience and takes much, much longer.

    I just hope I don’t overdo getting items on sale =P

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