2 comments on “Tip # 2: Spend less than you earn

  1. jetskee,

    Hang in there!

    – Don’t go window shopping
    – Always go to a shop or supermarket with a clear list of things to buy.
    – Don’t go out when your hungry.
    – If your friends asks you to hang out, you can refuse and ask them to come to your house instead, or at least choose a neutral place that is not the mall.
    – In my case, it was the eating out, take aways, and other convenience food that is very expensive.
    – In my experience growing up in Indonesia, there are always very cheap recipes that are both fulfilling and healthy.
    – Have you stopped smoking yet 😉

  2. Hi Ismangil, thanks for the encouragement! I know what you mean about the eating out – they seem small by themselves but when I add up all my eating out expenses in a month, they’re pretty hefty too.

    This week, I did as much work as I can at home so I didn’t spend much on the usual transpo and eating out. =) Hooray!

    And no, I haven’t managed to quit smoking completely yet, but I am trying. I manage to go on for 3-4 days smoke-free, then back again, then quit again…. much like my spending control. Hehe.

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