4 comments on “What to do with money?

  1. I can’t really comment on real estate investing, as I have never done it.

    Regarding investment funds, there is, in my mind, only one thing that is important when you are just starting: charges.

    Ask the fund manager what are the charges. Go for the lowest one in the category you’re interested. For exanple, in shares/stocks, it would probably be an index tracker.

    I am saying this because a lot of research in US and UK markets, shows that only a third of fund managers can beat the index. The problem of course, we don’t know which third! So for me, any initial portfolio of funds that invest in stocks should start by using index trackers.

  2. Hey, I looked at two other properties this week and none look too appealing to me. They’re either too expensive or too far. Sigh. So I guess it’s investment funds for me for the meantime.

    I’m going to talk to a fund manager this week, but I will canvass first and keep your advice in mind. At least now I know what to ask =) thanks!

  3. True, Whether you have it or not, it is a problem. I wish I have the savings that you have.

    Craving is source of all suffering – Buddha”

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