10 comments on “Project: Bajillionaire

  1. Coincidentally, I’ve been talking with an ex-client/ friend/ mentor about this. He used to be the Managing Director of Ovaltine Phil, Marketing Head for Nokia Phils, and Marketing Manager of Coke Thailand among other postings. He’s been helping me the past (or more like forcing me to stop spending my money needlessly and start saving up for the proverbial rainy day). One of these days, I may actually listen to him. Anyway, we might be putting up a blog about with tips on financial matters such as investing (whether on stocks or mutual funds), saving, and some equations that let you calculate just how poor you actually are. Content will come mostly from him and I’ll just be helping put it all in a blog because what do I know about finance?

  2. If you still keep your stash of bajillion kips under your bed, then not much 😛

    There are tons of financial advice out there, but I think they’ll only work for a person if someone else is pushing/encouraging him or her along. And it has to be personal, because each person’s financial woes often comes with a unique context. Anyway, if you do get to put up that site, feed me some of the real good stuff so I can post them here.

  3. Well, certain practices are universal. i figure the trick is trying to find out how to make these practices practical to you. One simple trick is to keep your lifestyle comfortable but simple. Learn to live happily with a certain amount only. Everything else goes to savings or investments. The amount doesn’t have to be much. Psychologically though, this gets you started in the habit of living simple and saving money. As you get more rackets or make more money, the amount increases. He told me to do this when i left the Philippines and unfortunately I failed miserably. Next time i catch you on YM, remind me to tell you about my Johnny Gold experience 🙂

  4. “One simple trick is to keep your lifestyle comfortable but simple. Learn to live happily with a certain amount only. Everything else goes to savings or investments.”

    Ehem. Simpler said than done. Otherwise, none of use would have financial problems 😛

  5. let’s form a weekly support group of sorts mala-AA, then we can share our tips and tricks (kung meron man) on money-scrimping. tapos before we make an actual purchase on anything, we consult the group first, etc etc :p

  6. miss jetskee, may i apply to join this group? offer my humble qualifications as a
    – one-time trust funds marketer and term insurance racketeer;
    – twentysomething in net debt (with a hapless propensity to on occasion be “penny-wise but pound-foolish”);
    – pinoy lad who loves to self-analyze

    my most recent step towards bajillionairehood: exploring paying off this salary loan i made last year [and borrowing again at today’s lower rates]. if the calculations are right, i get to save thousands of pesos by moving from a 2.2% per-month interest regime to just 1.4%. Why, will save so much, will have enough for downpayment on a new laptop and digital videocam! bwahaha

    my first tip-which-you’ve-probably-heard-for-the-nth-time: deleverage before you invest. no fun at all buying a mutual fund if you’re bleeding 3% per month (42% effective interest p.a.) on your credit debt. unless ur a masochist, of course

    ’07 milestone: congratulate me for paying off my biggest financial wounds (credit cards) this year. high time to do a car loan! yipee

    btw, congrats on the new blog. [any other friends and acquaintances out there? shoot me a mail when u have time…doodsts@gmail.com…] cheers!

  7. Looks like I might get some new advice here. Count me in. Im also working on my finances and post them in my blog. I might me working on that for life.

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