4 comments on “Introductions

  1. Hang in there! I was pretty much in the same situation a few years ago. Your boyfriend is right. The number one thing to do is simple: cut your spending. That’s it.

  2. The two big steps I did was:

    1. List my spending. Seems simple, but turns out I was never really aware of what I spend on. Especially the non-monthly ones (insurance, car service, holidays). You will need to divide all non-monthly spending into monthly spending.

    2. Simplify accounts. I was juggling several savings, loans and credit cards, originally in an elaborate scheme to save money by delaying spending by using credit cards, trying to earn interest etc. I now use a single current account for all my incomings and outgoings, always using a debit card whenever possible (cash seems to evaporate on me 🙂 ). Credit cards are banned, except for some internet shopping because it has additional protection against bad shops.

  3. ismangil is right. List down the monthly spending. I was surprised how much i spend on food and entertainment. Then i started alloting the budget for it. I dont necessary tighten the belt. Just enough where I can save and I can enjoy good food. I would visit my spending every week. I made my own excel template to track my spending habits.

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