4 comments on “Covering my ass

  1. If what I remember’s still correct, the best is still BPI Ayala Life Mutual Fund, fixed interest of around 7 percent per annum, net. Minimum investment of 100K. Seven percent seems very small compared to the interest credit card companies charge, but it’s the best you can find that’s not subject to the whims of the market, and there’s really no financial instrument that returns as much as credit cards take away =P There’s also this bundled term insurance and mutual fund that Doods was trying to sell to me before. It looked good.

  2. Yeah, that’s why I keep postponing saving and investing until I get rid of my credit card debt. And I’ve been postponing for two years now ๐Ÿ˜› Have you managed to pay off your debt?

  3. well, about half of it ๐Ÿ™‚ my boyfriend and i have this hard and fast rule, and we’ve followed it for more than a year now. we don’t buy anything, EVER, on credit (except a few items for convenience, but always paid in full as soon as possible). so all the trips, even the one to the U.S., were paid upfront. we haven’t bought new phones in two years, his PC’s loaned from the office, and he’s still salivating over an SLR camera.

    then again it’s a very slow, frustrating process because the interest just bogs you down. and he just got approved for a credit card with a ridiculously high credit limit. sabi ko if he buys my engagement ring using it i will say NO. hahaha.

  4. you know what, for about two months i was able to follow that rule. well, was forced to follow since tim confiscated all my cards. but then news of the ADB job came, and i figured, i can afford to spend a little again ๐Ÿ˜› besides, i did need a new phone and pc. and that’s how it all started again…

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